Hanna Quevedo

Hanna Quevedo’s analog photography invites us behind the eyes of a patience and confident visual anthropologist. Her photographs are recordings of her mindful studies in the art of human culture. Chasing with her lens the evolution of the human condition, she captures etchings of passing time, exchanges and feelings otherwise lost in the continuum of our consciousness as if to remind us of our intrinsic connection to each. The spontaneous subtle, half second moments in the faces of people and the environments her heart intuitively akin illuminate her prints. Her commitment to wandering the underground backstreets of the world’s working class, following steadfast with hopeful curiosity, she compassionately bleeds the lines between great photojournalism and the art of a strong woman finding her place in the world.

Charity Romero -artist, writer, gallerist, alchemist. Oakland, California.


Since 2000, Hanna is a contemporary portrait photographer and art director.

Sitio web: www.hannaquevedo.com

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