Participatory Action Research (PAR) in Health and "Disability"

Seminario en línea | Del 19 de octubre de 2015 al 13 de diciembre de 2015

By Beatriz Miranda and Fiona Post

How can we critically conceptualise Participatory Action Research? 

How can we ensure research that is relevant and meaningful for people who live with disability and health issues? 

In what ways can research contribute towards positive social change?


Week 1: Exploring concepts such as research; participation; disability; health & culture.
Week 2: Critically exploring action research in the fields of health and disability: what’s in a name?
Week 3: PAR, step by step: Critiquing reality, objectives and goals.
Week 4: The challenge of methods: quantitative vs qualitative in PAR.
Week5: Critically analysing data.
Week 6: How to make the most of findings: creative ways to present results for different audiences.
Week 7: Ethics: subjects and objects in PAR.
Week 8: Where from here? The practical application of PAR.

Intended for: Professionals working in the fields of disability and health, researchers in organisations and other interested parties who require a deeper awareness of experiences of disability and health issues and PAR.

Modality: Online. Working sessions take place neither in real time nor in a fixed schedule. They demand approximately 10 hours of work per week.